Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 29: Soupy Sundays

Last Sunday I made a giant pot of puréed veggie soup and added shredded rotisserie chicken breast.  It was delicious, cost-effective, Paleo and made packing a healthy lunch for myself as easy as filling up an old gelato jar with soup and popping it in the fridge.  This Sunday I made another soup, and I plan on making Sundays my soup making day throughout all of fall and winter... Or at least until I get insanely bored of soup.

Tonite's soup: Curried Pumpkin with Bacon Jam!  The soup itself is yummy, but the bacon compote stuff is out of this world redunkulous.  I doubled the recipe for the soup so that I have enough to get me through the work week, subbed half the onion for fennel (I'm heavily into fennel these days) and used half pumpkin and half butternut squash because my local Co-Op was all out of plain pumpkin.  Nom nom!

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