Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 10: Sick o' Salads

I've got to find some new recipes, particularly for lunch.  It's tricky because I ride my bike to work, I'm on a budget and I'm Paleo.  Those three things limit my culinary experimentation a great deal.

For example, I can't - or won't - order food to be delivered to my work, or go to a local restaurant or grocery store for lunch because I'm trying to save money.  I can't - or won't - pack anything in my bag that's too heavy or bulky like big pieces of Tupperware filled with a variety of ingredients because I ride my bike to and from work.  I travel light, which is why one small container of salad made the night before has served me well in the last ten days.  And I can't - or won't - pack something cheap and small (like I used to do) like an Amy's Frozen Burrito or a cup of dehydrated black bean soup because I'm on Paleo.  

What's a girl who likes to eat well but wants to be healthy to do?

Get a car?

Have an affair with a sugar daddy?

Stop the Paleo Challenge?

NEVER!  Although, I might get a car again one day. Until then, I'll continue to tote my little Paleo salad to work everyday on my bike, waiting for lunch-spiration.

Any ideas?

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