Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 16: Inner Child

I have an inner child.  She's six, and she runs this bitch.  Between you and me, she's kind of a brat.

She makes me take naps - a lot.  She doesn't take "we can't afford it" for an answer.  She is constantly hungry for sugar, particularly sugar in the form of vanilla cupcakes with baby pink buttercream and lavender colored sprinkles.  And when she can't get her hands on the perfect pink and purple birthday cupcake she cries for whatever else is the most festive and fattening thing around.  Like seasonal holiday cookies.  She's always in the mood for seasonal holiday cookies.

So when I bumped into these bad boys at Ralphs I had to take a photo, for my inner child.  You see, I know that these cookies are stale and lame.  I know that the frosting is hard and the batter is flavorless.  I know that I could make a batch at home with better ingredients for less money.  But my inner child doesn't know these things, and she doesn't care.  She just wants me to recognize their nostalgic beauty.  And so, I shall.

Are you happy little girl?

(She said no, and that she wants the purple bat.)

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  1. I am so sorry that I haven't kept up with your blog. You are so funny and I am learning a whole bunch about the "Paleo Eating Plan"...This has to be so hard for you because 1) you have always had a sweet tooth and 2) this is the time of year where we (American people) celebrate 3 of the best events ever..Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - all centered around food....So my heart goes out to you and to me and all of the other food addicts out there especially during this time...Keep up your incredible work, Tay....With Love, Mom