Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 14: Successful Saturdays!

Scale Related Success:


Non-Scale Related Success:

Jeans are looser.

My spirits are remarkably high, in spite of being on the rag.  Too much information?  Come on, you know me.  No such thing.

The acne that appeared in the first week of cutting all non-Paleo foods (grains, beans, dairy, sugar) is finally disappearing.

And even though I was home sick two days this week, I fought the urge to live on toast and honey drenched tea like I usually do when I'm sick. Instead I slept a lot and ate fresh fruit.  I'm no longer sick, and so proud of myself for staying on track.  The funny thing is, it was incredibly easy. I think I'm past the frightening "what am I going to eat?" first stage of Paleo and I'm now on the not-so-scary, but equally concerning "I'm tired of eating the same things" second stage of Paleo. More on that tomorrow...

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