Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 18: Something's Wrong

My eczema's back with a vengeance.  My weight is steadily floating up the scale.  I can't get through the night without waking up from a torturous Charlie Horse or two.  I'm fatigued and have lost my energy.  And when I ride my bike the measly one mile to and from my job I have to work ten times harder than usual to get the wheels rotating.  Worst of all are my eyes.  Suddenly I have the red, puffy, wrinkly eyes of a fifty-something who's been up for twenty-four hours straight staring at computer data.  They're dry and oh-so itchy.

If I were living on processed flours and sugars right now, than I would chalk up my ailments to a poor diet.  But I've been lean and green because of Paleo, and so naturally, I'm pissed.  My inner donut-demon is crying out "Why bother, just eat what you f%$&ing want!".

I've done a little research and narrowed it down to either a magnesium defeciency, a glucose deficiency, a sulfite allergy or hypothyroidism. Thanks Internet! For now I'm going to read my labels more carefully and get rid of sulfites from my diet, begin taking a magnesium supplement, enjoy more natural sugars from fruit and vegetables and increase my water intake.  If I don't notice a significant improvement in my health within the week, I'm going to see an allergist.

Man, taking care of yourself is hard work!


  1. I would say it would behoove you to see an allergist... I need to see one too!

  2. I agree with Layna...pinpoint what those *.!!x..sld** allergies so you will have a better understanding about what is happening with your insides. Also, I am so glad you are eating more fruits and getting more water...Don't forget how stress wreaks havoc on our bodies.....Mom

  3. Taylor, to a certain extent this diet is kinda like Atkins and when you are on Atkins you are advised to make sure you eat bananas because your potassium level drops and it can give you cramps. I don't know if that might help. Something else sounds off though because I don't think you should be so tired. But you do have a packed filled agenda these days. Hope you feel better.