Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 8: Paleo-fying

When I tried Paleo for the first time last June I was doing the Whole 30 Challenge, which is the purest of Paleo eating for a full 30 days.  Part of the challenge is that you're not allowed to "paleo-fy" foods.  Which means no Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, no Paleo Pizza, no Paleo Margaritas.  I'm determined to go as long and strong as I can without paleo-fying foods, but I'm also certain that I'll be baking Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies at some point throughout the holiday season, and I'm okay with that.  By the by, those cookies are delicious...expensive and delicious.

I only bring it up because I have a confession to make.  A mere seven days into the challenge, I had a Paleo-fied food.  Bread!  I had Paleo Bread!

Now, for the record, I literally had ONE bite.  And for the record, I have been eyeballing this bread online for weeks, so when I saw it staring back at me through the glass of a freezer at the Co-Op I just had to get it.  Also, for the record it was disgusting.  Apologies to the good people at Julian Bakery - thank you for trying, but you failed.  Oh - and one more for the record, I tried the one made with coconut flour.  They also make one with almond flour, which could be yummy, for all I know.  But at $8 bucks a loaf, I won't find out anytime soon. I'm still upset about the fact that I have $7.50 worth of gross bread-like product sitting in my freezer that probably won't be eaten ever.

So yeah.  Paleo-fying happens.

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