Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 3: It Hurts

Day three was harder than day two.  Which makes me sad.

Last night my nose began to run like a faucet and a pretty mean migrain began to set in.  I normally don't like to take anything for ailments, but when I'm working with kids I don't take chances, because nobody likes the crabby teacher going through caffeine and sugar withdrawl.  (*For the record, it isn't necessary to cut caffeine from coffee while going Paleo.  Plenty of Paleo people drink coffee with coconut milk or almond milk. I've tried both, and I dislike both, so I've decided to ditch java altogether for now.  Good times.  That's sarcasm.)

My headache has persisted all day, despite taking Ibuprofen, so I'm looking forward to going to bed early and sleeping in tomorrow since I don't have to work thanks to Yom Kippur.  And I regret to inform you that my skin is breaking out with a little bit of acne.  My hope is that the runny nose and the acne has something to do with my body shedding toxins, or at least that's what I tell myself when the little devil on my shoulder whispers 'give up and have a bagel'.

On the plus side, my eczema is virtually gone.  I can't begin to describe how inflamed my skin had been up until these last few days.  A week ago I had bright pink, itchy patches on my upper lip, under my eyes and on my armpits - sexy, I know.  Today, a mere three days since ditching grains, dairy, sugar and legumes those areas are as clear as the driven snow.  My belief is that my healing skin is connected to foregoing dairy, which also makes me sad since I miss my daily lattes... and my daily super sharp cheddar cheese with fuji apple... and my daily Ben and Jerry's Milk and Cookies pint of ice cream.

You see why I had to go Paleo, right?

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